All the Tools and Process in One Place
For ONE Low Price

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is so much more than just a "site builder." No other product (e.g., WordPress, Joomla) provides everything you need to build a profitable online business... an e-business that has real equity (i.e., related businesses want to purchase your business).

Solo Build It! ties it all together...

  • The Action Guide pulls the information you need into one place, and leads you through a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works. Available in written, video and mobile formats.
  • SiteSell Support and the most helpful e-business set of forums online answer your questions.
  • Constant updating keeps every part of SBI! on the cutting edge. That saves you, the busy solopreneur, countless hours of reading all kinds of e-marketing newsletters and feeds. There's no need to "keep up" or figure it all out. You'll never waste money on another "pitch" for yet another software tool that you "simply must have."

If it's important, it's in SBI! and up-to-date. So you spend all your time on building your business, not on keeping up with all the latest fads and other time-wasters.

The Missing Piece

But even process and help and constant updating are not enough to succeed. You need the right tools all in one spot for maximal efficiency and results, so that you can execute your business plan.

No lures, come-ons or bait-and-switch. No upsell to a "premium" or "platinum" package.

Everything is all in SBI!. All the tools, all in one place. And all for one low price.

Steady Improvements and Value Adds

SBI! continuously improves and adds to its all-in-one value bundle. New features range from "steady improvements" to "quantum leaps." For example...

1) Quantum Leaps

A series of social media releases, anchored by Open Graph Tags, turn SBI! sites into social media powerhouses (no need for you to sweat over all the technical stuff).

"Mobilize It!" optimizes the presentation of your site for mobile devices, without any need for you to do much more than make a couple of click-button choices.

2) Steady Improvements

There are too many to include them all here. Examples include regular extensions to "BlockBuilder 2" (BB2), SBI!'s state-of-the-art sitebuilder that's considered by many to be the most easy-to-use sitebuilder available. More on BB2 and Site Designer here.

Big or small, additions are beyond click-easy to implement. They just appear, ready to go. No need to figure out what other third-party software you need to supplement site-building, nor find the best of each type while avoiding buggy ones, nor pay for them or learn each one separately, and so on.

You Don't Need a Plug-In When It's All Built In!

WordPress plug-ins, for example, are built by thousands of different developers, each with their "way" of interacting with the WordPress core. Sometimes this can lead to broken code or incompatibility, or, at the worst, a programmer can simply abandon the project, leaving users in the dust.

SBI! modules and improvements are all built by us, top to bottom. "Built-in." That means they all fit together seamlessly. If it's in SBI!...

It. Just. Works.

How Much Extra for All These New Business-Growing Modules?

Not a penny. All of the new features you see below are free, included in the all-in-one price of Solo Build It!.

Many of SBI!'s new (and existing) features add unique site- and business-building ability that you will not find anywhere else.

And SBI! is never "finished." It evolves constantly to...

  1. help you capitalize upon major new trends on the Internet
  2. make the ever-changing technological complexities of building a business online disappear.

That's why SBI! owners ("SBIers") do better and better as the Web seems to become an increasingly complex place to build a successful e-business.

Here's what we've been adding...

NEW! Recent Additions

MailChimp & AWeber Integration With SBI!

SBI! comes with a newsletter marketing tool, MailOut Manager. But some people prefer to use MailChimp for their mailings. So we created an integration tool that lets MailChimp users offer their newsletter using SBI!'s opt-in form. No more struggling at MailChimp to make their form's color scheme and format match their site. Everything's done in SBI!, while mail management is done in MailChimp. The best of both worlds!

Google made a decision to require every site using AdSense or DoubleClick for Publishers ads to have a "cookie opt-in" prominently displayed. We created one that's fully customizable for every SBI! site, with just a few clicks.

NEW! Fully Responsive Templates

With a few clicks of your mouse, your site is fully optimized for every type of device. Readable font sizes, full site navigation and more make it a joy for people to visit your site and become mobile fans.

Google PageSpeed Optimizations Built In

When Google announced in early 2015 that mobile-friendliness (how easily your site can be used on a smartphone) would be an important ranking factor in mobile search results, we built many of Google's PagedSpeed optimizations into every SBI! site. There's nothing for you to do after picking a responsive template or using Mobilize It! on any other of the dozens of designs available in Site Designer's Gallery. The bottom line? Your pages will load fast, which means you'll have happier visitors (mobile and desktop) and lots of Google love!

Pinterest Follow

Add a Pinterest Follow button to all of your pages with a click and some customization. Site visitors will then be able to follow your Pinterest boards and pinning.

Open Graph Tags

SBI! adds Open Graph tags to every page of your site, including an og:image tag for every image that meets certain criteria. All done automatically. Open Graph tags are used by Facebook, Google, ShareThis and other social media services. They help your site become more visible socially.

Google +1

Add a Google +1 button to all of your pages with a click and some customization. In seconds, people can "vote" for your page in the Google search results and at Google+.

Twitter Follow

Add a Twitter Follow button to all of your pages with a click and your Twitter username. Customize it with the follower count. In seconds, people can follow you on Twitter.

Pin It!

Pin It! brings one-click ease to adding Pinterest's Pin It button to any image on any page. Drag the Image Block to your page and select the photo you want. Click the checkbox to add the Pin It button, then type a description for pinners to use. It's that simple!

BlockBuilder 2 and Site Designer

BlockBuilder 2 (BB2) is SBI!'s state-of-the-Web, browser-based, drag and drop page-builder. From the advanced Rich Text Editor to unique features like Sitewide Dots and Reusable Blocks, BB2 is a fun, easy-to-use, and powerful tool that will increase both the quality and quantity of your content creation.

Site Designer is SBI!'s completely redesigned set of tools that give you complete control over how your site will look. Customization is infinite, simple, and immediate. Choose one of 200 sharp, modern templates in a 2-column or 3-column layout. Use one "as is," or customize it to give your site a unique, "one in a billion" look.

Important: More on BB2 and Site Designer here.

Face It!

Face It! adds up to 3 different Facebook Like buttons to each page, each of which can have its own functionality. It also lets you put those Like buttons wherever you want them on your pages with just a couple of clicks!

Face It! also harnesses the viral power of Facebook's commenting, embraced by more and more blogs and sites across the Web. It adds the ability to involve your visitors and have them spread the word about your site to their friends.

Face It! represents a cutting-edge integration of social media technology, literally untouched by any other platform!

AdSense It! (for Content 2.0)

Content 2.0 turns any page into an irresistible invitation for visitors to write for you. AdSense It! takes every Content 2.0 page submission and places 0-3 AdSense ads, varying in size and location, according to how "aggressive" you want SBI! to be.

This intelligent module maximizes income, delivering a near infinite number of placements, even varying the presentation of ads according to the length of the initial page (written by your visitor).

The secret? A complex algorithm drives the placement of ads, using Google's and experts' advice on how to maximize income (within your own comfort level of how aggressive to be). AdSense It! is true set-it-and-forget-it monetization on your site!

Click here for more information about Content 2.0.

Brainstorm It! V3.3

Brainstorm It! V3, the world's first smart brainstormer, niche picker, and keyword researcher, is even smarter with the release of V3.3. You can find potential Site Concepts for your SBI! e-business, even if you only have general ideas for your niche. Even if you have no idea! Click here for more information.

Coming Soon! Brainstorm It! V3.4 and 3.5 integrate more deeply into your site, becoming a friendly advisor, making suggestions such as which page to build next, which page needs an inbound link, and so forth. It's like having a genius advisor at your side.

Content 2.0 Multi-Image

Content 2.0 turns any page into an irresistible invitation for visitors to write a page for you. And they can add up to four photos (or other images) to their page with just a few clicks. Four travel photos, four tattoo photos, four pet photos. Four whatever-they-want photos! SBI! automatically "thumbnails" and arranges the photos in a highly professional presentation for your visitors.

Click here for more information about Content 2.0.

Content 2.0

Content 2.0 (C2) is "Web 2.0 for small business sites." Your SBI! pages can offer a potent "mini-combination" of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. Imagine visitors creating valuable content for you, quality-controlled by you. Use Content 2.0 to turn any page into an irresistible invitation for visitors to write for you. Other visitors comment and rate the pages. Viral notifications are built into every step!

Click here for more information about Content 2.0.

Socialize It!

SBI! owners can add powerful social media marketing to their websites. A single button-click enables this feature site-wide. So their visitors can easily "buzz" their sites to social giants such as Facebook and Twitter. The result? Significant traffic gains due to the natural fit with SBI!'s process. SBI! sites' Top 0.5% traffic is higher than ever.

Priority Build It!

Tell the search engines which pages are more important. How? Just click a button and SBI! works within the Sitemap XML file (so you don't have to!), handling the tech side as always. Together with auto-pinging, SBI! gets more pages into the engines, faster, and keeps them there (no other service does this).

SBI! does much more than "ping." It tracks all spider visits. It checks that pages are indexed. SBI! reports rankings, too. And it does all this for all the pages you build... no extra charge. No other service does ALL this free. And... this process is constantly updated. No wonder SBI! owners "Top 0.5% outperform" their competitors.

2-Level Image Search Report

SBIers are finding a whole new world of keywords to grow image search results. Google Image Search amounts to 12% of its text search. If your site lends itself to photos and images, that percentage can jump to 25-40%. This 2-level drill-down report shows you all the data you need to grow your image search results (from all major engines) substantially.

Compare Features and Costs

What makes Solo Build It! the best choice for building an online business? Better than blogging software and small-business hosting solutions? The answer is simple, but critically important. It goes to the very core of SBI!'s existence...

Every module on this page focuses on enabling you to build your business.

Hosting services and blogging software allow you to put up sites/blogs quickly, but do nothing to help you build a profitable business, which is the ultimate goal.

Suppose you accept the lure of cheap (even free!) "business hosting." Soon you realize you're spinning your wheels. So you upgrade to their "Professional Package." You research and buy more expensive third-party software.

Ditto for blogging. Suppose you start with a blogging platform. Most of them are free. But hosting costs you $100/year and you still do not have anything else you need to build a thriving, multiple-income-stream business.

In the end, you pay many times more than the price of SBI! and take many times longer to learn all the different tools and plugins.

High time loss, complexity and costs. No Action Guide with step-by-step process or integration of information, process, and tools. No helpful all-in-one-place forum community. No focus. No culture of success.

That's the big picture.

Now, for the technically minded, let's analyze a detailed comparison of SBI! against the high end "Professional Package" of a typical major Web hosting service. Why high end? Because there's simply no comparison at all when you compare SBI! against the cheap or free promotions -- those are lures.

Click here to compare SBI! to conventional small-business Web hosting.

OR if you are interested in WordPress...

Click here to check out SBI!'s sister product, SBI! for WordPress.

Let's Review...

Proven Process + All The Tools = Business Success.

SBI! has a track record of success, and proves it.

The others?

They would if they could.

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